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Computer Networks - Structured Cabling

Successful business demands that voice, data and video communications be effective and reliable. Modern companies realize this and find that just adding new equipment to an inefficient, overcrowded hybrid wiring system just isnít cost effective.

With the growth in this industry, a need has been created for professional companies that can design and install systems that provide high-speed data networking, reliable voice communications and quality video transmissions, the structured networks that business and industry depend on.

AMTECH meets this challenge and surpasses industry standards to contend with the needs of all network information traffic.










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Fiber optics can deliver large amounts of information at super high speed for many data transmission applications such as telephone, internet communication, TV signals etc. And based on industry activity, it is clear that fiber-optics is leading the way as the standard for ground based transmission of telecommunication information.

Compared to copper, optical fiber is relatively small in size and light in weight yet is superior in bandwidth. This characteristic makes it desirable as wiring ducts and conduits become increasingly cramped with copper cable installations. And since optical fiber does not generate electrical impulses, it is immune to electro-magnetic interference and that means secure transmission of data as well as reduction in electrical hazards such as fire.

Key Advantages Include
  • Secure high speed transmission
  • Complete electrical isolation
  • Lower weight ratio than copper
  • Significant reduction in electrical hazards
  • No electro-magnetic interference
  • Ease of upgrading fiber optics to higher speeds and performance
  • Superior bandwidth and lower transmission losses




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